Ways to Bend Tradition on Your Big Day

October 6, 2022 Uncategorized

Trends come and go, but tradition is forever.

At least, that’s what couples are told when planning their big days, but conventional doesn’t always have a place at everyone’s celebration. Sure, some couples may want to go the classic route, but others may need something a little more modern and personal. Every couple, marriage and wedding is different, and the way everyone chooses to celebrate is unique to them. So, why should couples feel pressured to stick to what’s been done before? Or to what everyone else is doing? 

They shouldn’t. 

Whether just embarking on the wedding planning process, or looking for new inspiration for upcoming nuptials, we have the untraditional wedding ideas that will help all brides and grooms ensure their day is just that, theirs. 

Reconsider the white dress

Brides, it’s what you’re told your entire life. One day, you’ll get married to your perfect partner and you’ll wear a beautiful, long white dress. As nice as it sounds to some, to others, the idea of wearing a white dress, or a dress in general, just doesn’t make sense. Instead, consider alternative options in either color, style or both. 

For those who’d like to wear a dress, try expanding your color pallet. Blush, gold, nude or tan are all good options if you’d like to stay neutral. However, for brides looking for a dress that’s even more out of the box, consider a pattern. Patterns are becoming more and more popular as an untraditional take on wedding attire and even celebrities are catching on – like Sophia Bush

For those looking to forgo a dress altogether, skirts, pantsuits and jumpsuits are all excellent options. Dressing as elegant or as casual as you’d like is crucial, as your style and confidence will set the tone for the entire day. 

Ditch the head table & seating chart

Seating charts, one of the most dreaded tasks of any couple during the wedding planning process. While the head table is usually made up of the bridal party and their partners, consider ditching it in lieu of a sweethearts table – a table for just you and your spouse. Not only is this a great way to ensure all your guests get to mingle, but it grants you and your partner some much needed alone time. Having time to talk one on one and spend time together on your wedding day is priceless. 

Skipping the traditional reception seating arrangement and chart is a good way to switch things up too. Opposed to smaller tables, try two to three long tables. This allows everyone to sit near each other, choose seats freely and ensures no guests are missed when you and your partner are making the rounds. 

Make it your own

This is your day, so make sure it reflects you

Whether you want something that sticks to tradition, or something a little more modern, or something entirely different, that’s okay. Your wedding day is for you and your partner, no one else. Big or little, modern or classic and everything in between, you can do no wrong when it comes to your big day.