1. Does the Barn have heat or air conditioning?
    No, the Barn is not insulated so it does not have heat or air conditioning.
  2. Do I need to provide my own lighting?
    No, the lights in the Barn will stay in place unless you’d like to decorate with your own lighting.
  3. Does the Barn have electricity?
    Yes, the Barn has electricity. There are approximately eleven outlets in the top floor of the barn and outlets were put in on the ground floor during the Spring of 2014.
  4. Do we need to rent tables, and chairs?  
    We have 40 farm house tables made out of barn wood and 400 mismatched wood chairs available for your use at no extra charge
  5. Can I use hay bales for seating.  
  6. Where will I get dressed?
    The bridal party may use the house on the property to get ready for the wedding.
  7. How many people can the Barn hold for a wedding ceremony?  
    200 people can be accommodated at a wedding ceremony on the top floor of the Barn
  8. Can I use the cocktail tables and other decorations that are in the Barn.
    Yes, you may use the 4 cocktail tables that I have and the entryway table.  I have a few other decorations in the Barn that you may use if you’d like.
  9. Can we have a DJ?
  10. What time restrictions are there?  
    1:00 a.m. the following day is the latest a Saturday night reception can last.
  11. Do you have a preferred vendors list?
    No, it is your wedding; you may use your own vendors, as long as your caterer is licensed.
  12. Can I have alcohol at my wedding/reception?
    Yes, please call us for the specifics of our county laws.
  13. What is the square footage of the Barn?
    The Barn is 50 feet by 36 feet for a total of 1,800 square feet per floor. There are two floors with a combined square footage of 3,600.
  14. Can we use a caterer of our choice?
    Yes, you may use any caterer that has a catering license.
  15. Can we have our ceremony outside?
    Yes, there is plenty of room to have an outdoor wedding.
  16. Is there plenty of space for parking?  
  17. Do you have restrooms in the barn? yes