A barn is where hard work happens. It is where good times and bad happen. It is where families come together. To work. To play. To connect. To grow. And to make memories. It weathers storms, the elements and anything else you can possibly throw at it. Can you think of a better metaphor for marriage? Can you think of a better place to start one? We can’t either. That’s why we put so much heart into The Barn here at Allen Acres. To create a place where someone’s there to bring the vision of your day to life. Why we fought for it. Why we worked ourselves into the ground for it. Spent money we didn’t have on it. And put every ounce of energy into the four walls you’ll see before you. Labor of love? It was an undying test of our wills, our bank accounts and our sanity. But that’s what you do for something and someone you’re passionate about. It’s how you start your dream. It’s how we started ours. And how we’d like to start yours. By putting the hard work that went into this barn, into your wedding. We believe when you want to build a foundation for a marriage, you start in a structure that’s been built and cared for, with love.

The Barn At Allen Acres

Your Rustic Venue for a Romantic Wedding
Barn Weddings

Turn your dream wedding into a romantic reality with a ceremony and reception in a charming farm setting.

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Barn Weddings Photo Gallery

See how other couples have celebrated their weddings at this unique venue from a bygone era.

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Barn Wedding Stories

Read the blog by Karen Allen Rogers, and share in the magic of the wedding tradition she started here.

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Barn Restoration

The Barn, lovingly restored to its original beauty, has become a historical Rock Falls landmark.

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