So You’re engaged….Now what? 9 Things to do once he proposes!

December 10, 2014 Uncategorized

Article written by The Bridal Detectives

Congratulations, the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally happened; you’re going to be a Mrs! Once your significant other has popped the question and you’ve obviously wiped your happy tears away all-while managing to stop staring at your new sparkler for a split moment, you be asking yourself “now what?”. This life altering event comes with a lot of unfamiliar territory and lucky for you we got your back with the top 9 things you should do immediately once you’re engaged!

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Alert the Media. Updating your Facebook status to let the masses know that you are officially engaged seems like the first thing one should do once becoming a newly minted fiance but DO make sure you call your parents and all your besties first. Once you’ve shared the fab news with your loved ones, then go ahead and tell your other 1,472 “friends”.

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Create the perfect ring selfie. Yes, I really did just recommend that! While Facebook or Instagram shouldn’t be the way your beloved ones find out about your impending nuptials – it’s perfectly fine for the rest of us! And what better way than to show off your rock?

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Pop a bottle of champagne. Seriously, it’s time to celebrate. Your loved ones may wish to throw a party in your honor or you may like to invite a few loved ones for a small gathering of ring gawking and congratulatory toasts but regardless, this memorable life-altering event should be celebrated.
Understanding Murphy’s Law. Whether you are inheriting a precious heirloom from your grandmother or you are the proud owner of a dazzling new diamond, you are going to need jewelry insurance. Whether you lose your ring on vacation, accidentally drop it down the drain or your beloved pooch finds itself the latest “must-have” accessory to nibble on – Jewelers Mutual is one of those companies you’ll be happy to have on speed-dial.
Budget Conundrums. It’s never a subject that will leave brides perking their ears but regardless if you are a millionaire or not, budgets will always be a factor. Deciding who can finally contribute can be a difficult topic to discuss with future in-laws but nevertheless this conversation needs to happen. Everything from the photographer, that venue you’ve been gawking at on Pinterest and that oh-so-dreamy Vera Wang all have price points that can quickly eat away at your budget. Once these budget woes can be solved, the faster you can start making your dream wedding a reality.
Creating a guest list. This just may be the second hardest part of wedding planning after solving your budget conundrums. It’s quite easy for the guest list become a nightmare. Don’t forget those adoring parents of yours – they will most likely have a guest list that will leave you speechless and we’re not talking in a “take my breath away” sort of good thing either. Accepting your parents suggestions should be done out of respect but politely stand your ground that for every neighbor they wish to invite, it adds to the budget (this could nip that growing guest list in no time!) You can prioritize your guest list by breaking it into 3 sections – ”It’s official, their invited” list (family & best friends), would like to invite (co-workers) and invite if you have room (Aunt Betty’s therapist).
Deposits. Once your budget has been sorted and you officially know how much funds can be allocated to how small (or big) the guest list will be – it’s time to start sourcing your dream vendors. Depending on what your priorities are, the photographer and venue should be the highest on the list. These two vendors will play the biggest role in your wedding. Don’t forget that holiday weekends tend to book faster than the average Saturday night that you should try to allocate as much as 6 months in advance for finding the ideal date. Depending on how popular both your photographer and venue are will determine how many months in advance you need to book. Once those two vendors are securely booked, next you’ll be on a mission to source your wedding planner, cake artist, a florist, wedding DJ or band and any other vendors that will help make your day go off without a hitch (no pun intended).
Saving the Date. No, not that kind… Once all your vendors are securely in place, the ideal time to send save-the-dates is typically 6-8 months before your wedding. Do factor in holiday weddings or destination weddings as guests may need to book flights, accommodations and request time off for work.
Are you exhausted yet? We are just thinking about this list but once you have completed the above tasks, it’s time to celebrate once again because girlfriend, you deserve it! Regardless of what wedding-related stresses the next few months may bring (there’s a reason why wine and cupcakes exist) just remember that this is one of the happiest times of your lives. Put aside how you thought your wedding should look, what budget you wish you had or why your thighs mysteriously grow at the sight of red velvet cheesecake and realize that this wonderfully insane ride is about to make you someone’s wife – that should put a smile on your pretty face in no time! Congratulations once again and happy wedding planning ladies!