10 tips for a stress free Wedding Morning

November 23, 2014 Wedding Day

10 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Morning

As I have had the privilege to be part of so many wedding mornings, I thought it may be useful to write my article this month on how to have a stress free morning, as I don’t think enough emphasis is put on the start to your wedding day.

Start by unwinding the night before. I had a massage the night before I got married, and suddenly I felt my shoulders leave my ears and return to where they should be; it was bliss as the Friday was total overload. Maybe you could have a little pamper session with the girls; toe painting, massage each other’s hands, whatever you can do to help each other unwind.
Like many brides you may not have a perfect night’s sleep the night before your wedding, but don’t worry, adrenalin is your best friend on your wedding day. It will sweep you through and hold you up, and there is almost no other time this will happen so enjoy it.
Make sure you do not leave any arrangements to your wedding day. These should all be done the day before at the latest so you can completely de-stress on the day, knowing everything is done.
Breakfast is a must, even if you feel too nervous to eat, just manage to get something in to you; it’s a long day and you don’t want to faint at a key moment. It can be something you wouldn’t normally eat for breakfast… I had chocolate whilst standing in my dress as I could hear my tummy rumbling, and that would not have been good in front of all the guests!
If you are getting ready at a hotel, take your ipod. If you have any time at all beforehand you could record some great music that will relax you or get you going. You will not only be relaxed and less nervous, but you will also have a little mix that will always remind you of your wedding morning.
Surround yourself with the right people! Don’t overlook this advice. I have seen many well meaning guests, mums, friends etc on the morning of a wedding, but sometimes they can shift their anxieties on to you, and you don’t need this. Visitors can be ok but they should not linger. You should also really have a minimum number of girlies with you, as lots of girls together can be mass hysteria and that should maybe be saved for the end of the morning when you are in your dress admiring yourself. Surround yourself with your chosen special friends/mum and get them to keep the others at bay or make it clear the day before. You will be seeing everyone at the wedding so you can save yourself until then.
As a hair and make-up artist I always organise a timetable for the bridal party, as this just ensures that everyone can be in their pamper seats when needed and not still eating breakfast, or worse, washing hair! It will ultimately affect you and how fashionably late you want or don’t want to be.
Change of heart about your style? Try and inform your stylist that you are having second thoughts about your look before the wedding morning. It will be stressful for both of you if she can’t get the look you wanted on your wedding morning. This can be avoided by having a last minute trial if you are having doubts. I once travelled all the way to Italy for a wedding and the bride had changed her mind about her style. Thankfully it was not a disaster, but I had just packed what I needed for the original style so it could easily have been!
Have your dress hanging up out of its cover and all your shoes and accessories laid out, with the labels cut off all your gleaming new things. This will help you and the photographer when they come to take those all important detailed shots.
Breathe, and take it all in as it flies by. If all else fails, designate someone to keep you calm, laugh it off, and have some bubbles, but not too many, you want to remember your day.

Article by Alexis Daly of Big Day Beauty
Image Courtesy of Especially Amy